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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!

The Class 2 team are Miss Read & Mrs Morgan.



Hello, welcome to our class page. Here you can find lots of useful information about the learning in our class.

The Parent Information page includes lots of ways our grown-ups can support us with our learning at home, as well as some useful information about our upcoming assessments.

On the Helpful Website page, Miss Read has uploaded some links to websites that we use in the classroom so that we can use them at home!

Below, there is a gallery of all the exciting things we have been getting up to in Class 2.



Class 2's Gallery:


Have a look at what we have been getting up to!

Happy Easter!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy Easter break Class 2! You have all worked extremely hard this term, me and Mrs Morgan are very proud of you all! We have had a busy half term with our Zones Week, Trip to the Zoo, Lesley from BYT, World Book Week and lots more, as well as your amazing hard work towards your learning.

We have an important and busy half term coming up, so make sure you all get some rest so you can come back in the Green Zone ready to the best you can be. We are excited to see you in two weeks to hear all about your Easter break.

Thank you for being fab Class 2 and grown-ups, thank you for your continued support. 

Stay safe and have fun class 2! 


Class Cup Winners!

To top off a great term, we were awarded the class cup in sharing assembly today! Miss Read and Mrs Morgan are so proud of us, they said it was a lovely surprise to finish the term with! "Well Done Class 2!"

London’s Burning...not quite!

Today, we planned to do our Great Fire of London demonstration as the children have worked so very hard during this topic. Mr Emmet kindly came over to Class 2 to set up our houses that we made but as we were about to come out to see, the rain started to pour! Unfortunately, the houses were just too wet to burn today. However, we did discuss how today's weather would have changed the events of the Great Fire of London in 1666. The children were able to tell me that the difference between the summer of 1666 and today was that it was very dry and windy then and they didn't have any rain...not like today!

We have put the houses in a safe place under cover and hopefully, we will be able to try again after the holidays. Thank you so much Mr Emmet for trying!

The Great Fire of London

This week, to complete our Great Fire of London topic, Class 2 worked as a team to design and colour Tudor Houses. These are similar to the type of houses that stood in London in 1666. We then stuck these to the front of the cereal boxes we all bought in.

We discussed what a Tudor house looks like and what it would have been made out of. This helped us to realise why the fire spread so quickly and affected so many buildings.


We remembered that there are some Tudor style houses in the village. Try and spot a Tudor House when you are out and about!

We did some D&T (Design & Technology) with Mrs Wiles today. We started by testing the stability of different shapes. We really thought that a cuboid would be the most stable shape but when we put the shapes to the test, we realised that a cylinder could hold many more books without collapsing than a cuboid and a triangular prism! So, we used this test to design our own chairs for Baby Bear. Here are some pictures of us with our completed chairs, some still need to be finished! 

Bat & Ball Skills

This Half Term in Year 2 we have been practicing our Bat and Ball skills! We have been lucky enough to get out in the playground recently, as the weather has been dry, to practice with the Cricket Bats. We have been working really hard being resilient, preserving and working as a team. 

Fire Fire!

Today we learnt about how they put out the fire at the Great Fire of London.  In 1666 they didn’t have the fire service and the technology like we do today, so they had to pass water in a leather bucket down a long line to throw over the flames. We tested this strategy out to see if it was effective. We used a cup of water and passed it down the line. We noticed that there wasn’t much water left in the cup at the end. No wonder the fire lasted for 4 days!

World Book Week!

This week was world book week! We have absolutely loved celebrating our love for books and reading this week. Yesterday we took part in a book swap with the rest of KS1 and got to swap our old, loved books for new ones! Then we did a Drop Everything And Read and we were able to visit another class to hear other teachers read their favourite story. 
Today, we wore our pyjamas and had our Masked Reader assembly, we had great fun and was even able to guess Miss Read as the Burger! We have also shared our favourite books in class this afternoon, we wrote a book review about it and made a special bookmark so we never lose our spot! 

We love reading in class 2 and use the Polling Station daily to vote for the book for end of the end of the day. Miss Read reads us stories and sometimes we listen to a story on Storyline Online - we like Carla’s Sandwich! 
What is your favourite book? 

Giddy Up, Giddy Up!

We had such a fantastic day with Lesley in our BYT session with Class 1! She told us a great story and taught us some super dance moves. She taught us about working together, not letting anybody down and being AWESOME! Then we shared our super dances and watched the other year group’s performances in a special assembly this afternoon! 

Get in the Zone!

This week we have introduced the Zones of Regulation at Blackmore. This will help us recognise and regulate our emotions. Each day we have been thinking about a different zone and how we feel in those zones. We worked out that the best zone for school is the green zone, so each day we have added to our Toolkit ways in which we can get back in the green zone. We came up with some great ideas. Today we wore our zone colour of choice and shared our weeks work in sharing assembly! Miss Read said we’ve be brilliant this week and she’s already recognised that we’re using the language and helping each other get back in the zone!  

We’re Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

What a wonderful day we had at the zoo today! We really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful animals at Colchester Zoo. It was great to get a closer look at the animals and their habitats - this has really supported and consolidated our science learning. We also took part in a great African Safari workshop and learnt a little bit more about the Big Five! It was a great way to finish our Where Would You Rather Live: England or Africa Topic! 
Miss Read and Mrs Morgan were really impressed with our behaviour. Thank you to all the adult helpers too!  

Daily 10 Challenge

Today we practiced our mental maths skills by doing the Daily 10 Challenge! We only had 15 seconds to answer each addition question but we smashed it, especially for the first time doing it!!
Miss Read was really impressed. 
There is a link below if you want to practice at home! 

The Marvellous Maasai

Today we learnt all about the Marvellous Maasai. An African Tribe who live in the Kenyan Savannah. We made an African Paper Plate Necklace like the Maasai Tribe wear. We decorated them with bright colours and eye catching designs to create African patterns. 
We then listened to some African music and made our own ‘Jumping Dance’, the traditional dance of the Maasai tribe.

Money, Money, Money!

In maths, we have been learning all about money! Today we applied the skills we’ve learnt in lots of different ways. Did you know, there is more than one way to make different amounts of money? You can use lots of different coins to make different amounts. Miss Read has challenged us to count our own coins next time we go to the shop to make sure we have enough to pay for our things. 

Art - Printmaking

In art, our focus this half term is printmaking! Last week we experimented with positive and negative space. We made stencils and printed with foam sponges and paint. 
Look at our beautiful masterpieces!

A Great Start to the Term!

What a fab start to the term we have had so far! We have been working so hard in Class 2. Mrs Farrant was very impressed by how hard we were working in Science on Wednesday, she awarded us the class cup. She said we were showing amazing listening skills, asking lots of interesting questions to deepen our understanding and she loved our dramatic freeze frames of food chains. 

Miss Read & Mrs Morgan are so proud!

Merry Christmas!

Today we were very lucky to receive some gifts from our FOBs. We unwrapped lots of things that will help us in our classroom and some lovely toys and games that we can use at wet play time and as a treat! All thanks to your donations at events run by FOBs. We are very grateful - thank you!! 

Christmas Dinner!

Merry Christmas! We enjoyed our yummy Christmas dinner cooked by Mrs Stokes and her team. We got to wear our Christmas jumpers and pull Christmas crackers!
Even the teachers sat with us to enjoy their dinner too.
Thank you Mrs Stokes, it was delicious! 

Wintery Scences

In art, we have been exploring with colours and paints. We created these wintery scenes inspired by Vincent Van Goh by using cool, wintery colours and thin strokes of our paintbrush. Then we added ourselves looking chilly to the front and they make perfect Christmas cards for our families! We hope you love them. 


Merry Christmas!

Our Autumn D&T Project

In D&T with Mrs Wiles, we have been looking at mechanisms. We started the process by designing and labelling fairground wheels by considering their practicality. We thought carefully about the materials we would like to use and what would work best. Then we started the making process by building a sturdy structure with different types of  cardboard and wood.  We practiced our cutting skills, using both scissors and saws - we were very careful! Along the way we had to test and adapt our design to make sure they rotated fluently and the pods stayed the right way up the whole time. After trialing a range of different materials for the pods, we all managed to successfully create a rotating fairground wheel. We showcased them to the other classes today and everyone was very impressed.

We hope you like them!

Brave Explorers!

Today we have been learning all about brave explorers! We started off the day by thinking about what an explorer might pack in their bags for an expedition. Then we learnt about famous explorers from the past. We were particularly interested in Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. We created fact files and compared their lives and expeditions. We also learnt a song to help us with our learning! This afternoon, we planned our own expedition to find life outside Class 2. We plotted our route on the map, put on our binoculars and headed out to see what we could find! We were certainly very brave! 

What a way to end a great week!

What a fantastic way to end a week of hard work! 
Today in our sharing assembly, we won the class cup AND the attendance cup! We are amazing! 
Miss Read also awarded the whole of Class 2 Star of the Week for our excellent performance of The Nativity!

Look at all our happy faces!


Ring out the bells let’s celebrate now Jesus is born!

Wow! What a bunch a superstars we have in Class 2!
Class 2 and the rest of KS1 have been busy working really hard practicing their lines, learning the songs and the moves for our Christmas Play - The Nativity. We performed to the whole school for our dress rehearsal on Monday and then did performances to our grown ups Tuesday & Thursday.

Us staff are so incredibly proud of every single child that performed! Class 2 you have been amazing and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did!
The perfect way to get us all into the Christmas spirit.
A massive WELL DONE and congratulations to all the children in KS1! 
Thank you to all the staff for their help & thank you to parents for supporting your children and coming to watch! 

Mrs Morgan and I are going to miss singing all the songs everyday!

Animals and their habitats

In science we have been looking at living things and their habitats. Today we worked in groups to sort different species into their correct habitats. There’s lots of different habitats in the world!

Oh No He Didn’t!

It’s behind you! We loved visiting Queen’s Theatre to see the Pantomime of Sleeping Beauty. We had a great time booing & cheering, boogying and laughing along with the performance! It was very impressive. 

Learning about the Christmas Story

We had a wonderful time learning about the Christmas Story with The Brentwood Schools Christian Workers Trust.

Indoor Athletics Fun!

How high can you jump? 
In Year 2 PE we have been practicing our indoor athletics with Miss Read - this includes lots of different kinds of jumping, running and some throwing too. Pete came in to help us too and put together this little circuit for us to enjoy. We practiced how high we could jump, how fast we could jump, how long we could jump, some chest passing and some high knee sprinting! It was very fun!

A Reindeer Surprise!

Thank you FOBs for such a wonderful surprise! We had a great time meeting some of Santas reindeer as part of our Festive Friday!