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Homework in Class 2

Homework is an important aspect of Year 2 where the children are becoming independent learners. Homework gives children a chance to consolidate and practice skills they have been learning in class. We set homework every week in Year 2 and will be set on a Wednesday and due back the following Monday. 

Homework will often be a piece of Maths or English homework along with a list of Spellings or Phonics to practice. This should be completed alongside home reading please.



Our Key Instant Recall Fact

We are learning to master Key Instant Recall Facts (K.I.R.F) across the year.

This term our Key Instant Recall Fact is:

I can recognise the place value of each digit in a two-digit number.

Although we will be aiming to master this in school, we could also do some practice at home too. Here are some things we could do that will help us to master our K.I.R.F...