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Eco Committee

Welcome to our Eco Committee page!

As an Eco Committee, it is our job to make the school a more environmentally friendly place. We have representatives from each year group and meet regularly with Miss Mann to discuss our next actions!



Our wonderful Eco Committee for 2023/ 2024

Our wildlife garden is looking stunning

Our Coronation Scarecrow entry!

Creation of our scarecrow.......he grew.....and grew!

No Mow May!

Our Jubilee Rose is blooming!

March 2023 - We have exciting news! Year 1, while out on a wildlife walk, have spotted frog spawn in our pond!

Class R are exploring the positive impact of recycling on our environment and how rubbish can pollute our oceans if it is not responsibly binned or recycled.

Wilderness Foundation

During the Spring term, both year 6 and year 5 are working with The Wilderness Foundation UK to explore our local environment, encouraging connections between us and the natural world.

They are learning about climate change and how they can make a positive difference - in both small and big ways!

Our Winter Bug Hotels

It has been a lot of fun building our bug hotels.  Each class has designed and built their own section, ready for the bugs to find shelter over the winter. 

Thank you to Mrs Potton for helping us with this project! 

Recycling News
The Eco Committee are up and running with our new recycling initiative - in school we are now collecting crisps packets at lunchtime and fruit juice cartons at break, which are then being taken by our helpful staff to recycling centres near our school.  
Thank you to everyone who is involved! 

Harvest Festival

Thank you so much for your generous donations to our Harvest Festival collection! As you can see, we were able to collect a huge amount of foods and household goods which Mr Emmett delivered to the Doddinghurst Road food bank to help people in our local community.


What is the Eco Committee?

Each year, we decide on an action plan which helps us to focus on different areas to improve.

Currently, we are working on the topics of Biodiversity, Transport, Energy, Waste and Marine.


We were awarded our Bronze Eco Schools Badge in June 2018 and achieved our Silver Eco Schools Badge in December 2018. We achieved our first Green Flag award in July 2019 and successfully retained this award in July 2021.


To reduce waste in our school, we currently recycle printer cartridges and batteries. We are able to send off the printer cartridges for money so please keep sending them in!



Unfortunately due to COVID and the installation of our brand new demountable, our gardening plans were temporarily halted. However, this year we will be back out redeveloping the area behind the swimming pool and turning it into a beautiful wildflower garden. We are also cleaning out the pond so that we can make use of it in our Science lessons. 

Using the money from our printer cartridges, we have bought two bird feeders and some fat balls which will hopefully attract some more wildlife to our school.



This is a new topic for this year. Check back soon for how we will be saving energy in school!


This is a new topic for this year. Check back soon for how we will be helping the environment by looking at transport around our school area!


This is a new topic for this year. Check back soon for how we will be helping marine life!


Eco Code

We have our Eco Code displayed in every classroom to remind us how to be good eco-citizens!

Our 2021 - 2023 Action Plan

Keep checking for more updates on our latest activities to make our school an even better place to be!