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Zones of Regulation

Lets Get In The Zone


Zones of Regulation was launched with a fantastic 'Lets Get In The Zone' themed week in school! The children spent the week taking part in a fun, creative and thought provoking journey through the different coloured zones which saw all of the classes taking part in lots of wonderful activities. 


Across all classes, the children took part in a wide variety of cognitive and sensory activities such as balloon activities, blindfolded obstacle courses, banging drums, listening to calming music, completing art work, yoga and lots more! The children developed an improved understanding of each of the coloured zones. They experienced and explored a host of emotions, such as feeling nervous, excited, sad, anxious, energetic, peaceful, happy and lots more. 




Lets Get In The Zone Week ...

We are learning to self-regulate...


Our pupils have developed and rehearsed a variety of strategies in order to help themselves to self-regulate and manage their emotions independently and be supportive of one another throughout the school day. Each class has developed 'tool kits and resources' to support their self-regulation... from mindfulness monsters to emotion spinning wheels! 

Each classroom has developed a wall or window display so that the children can reflect on their feelings and emotions throughout the school day.

What does it look like in the classroom?

How did our Reception Class Launch Zones of Regulation?