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Support With Reading

In Class 1, we read in class multiple times a day! This is usually together or in small groups with age-appropriate texts. Children are encouraged to read aloud and use their phonics knowledge to help them with unfamiliar words.


By the end of KS1, children should be familiar with different reading skills. They are:


Vocabulary- Children are encouraged to think about the words the author uses to understand the texts. 


Inference- Children are encouraged to hunt for clues in the text. This might be to work out how someone is feeling or why something is happening. 


Prediction- Children are encouraged to use what they already know from the text to work out what might happen next. 


Retrieval- Children are encouraged to use the text to answer questions about characters, events and information. 


Sequencing- Children are encouraged to think about the order that things happen in to make sense of the text. 


All of these skills help build comprehension skills, which demonstrate understanding of what they have read.