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Maths Curriculum

Blackmore Primary School Maths Curriculum

Mastering Maths is at the heart of our curriculum. We want our pupils to acquire a deep, long-term and secure understanding of Maths. WhiteRose Maths scheme of learning underpins our curriculum. This scheme ensures that all of our pupils progress through Maths following a carefully sequenced curriculum incorporating fluency, reasoning and problem solving. 


Problem Solving and Reasoning

Problem solving and reasoning is intertwined into the curriculum giving children regular opportunities to develop their conceptual understanding and fluency.

"In order to learn mathematics effectively, pupils primarily need to talk about their mathematical language ideas, negotiate meanings, discuss ideas and startegies and make mathematical language their own." (Lee, C 2006)


Mathematical Talk

In lessons, children are regularly encouraged to explain their mathematical thinking. Children are encouraged to use mathematical vocabulary to explain their answers. Class teachers use careful questioning during lessons to encourage children to talk about their ideas and reason mathematically.


Blackmore Calculation Guidance 

Our Blackmore Calculation Guidance provides a greater understanding of what our math's curriculum looks like in the classroom and what the expectation is for our pupils. It demonstrates how children use concrete resources and pictorial mathematics to problem solve and reason.


The CPA Approach

Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract

We use a CPA approach to help our pupils understand the processes of mathematics better.

Concrete Maths: This is using real life objects or mathematical manipulatives. children use concrete objects to show their mathematical understanding and solve problems, such as a ten frame.

Pictorial Maths: This is where the child's maths is represented through a diagram. This is usually based on the concrete materials. These representations can be used to help children reason and solve problems.

Abstract Maths:  Using concrete and pictorial maths help children to understand the abstract maths better. There are explicit links between each stage. This stage sees the children using a written calculation or formal methods.

Please see 'Blackmore Calculation Guidance' for examples of how CPA is used across each year group.

The CPA Approach.