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w.c. 8th February

Hello Class 6,


Keep up the amazing work, you are working so hard- I am so proud of you all. 


Below, I have uploaded a document with all of this week's English work on- you don't need to print it all but I thought some of you might prefer to have it all in one place. A lot of the writing work this week can be done without it being printed! 


This is what we are going to cover this week:









LO: To find the area

LO: To revise area and perimeter

LO: To find the area of a triangle

LO: To find the area of a triangle

LO: To find the area of a parallelogram



LO: To identify information text features and recap formality

LO: To design a monster

LO: To plan an information text

LO: To write an information text

Creative Writing



Who were the Tudor monarchs?


Task 1- Tudor shields

Task 2- Create a poster/fact file/ family tree for a Tudor monarch/more than one.


Computing: Safer Internet Day


Have a look at the scenarios. Decide how each person might be feeling write some advice for them.


Optional- complete the Jargon Buster


What are the parts of our circulatory system?


Task 1: Complete the labelled diagram for a heart and lungs.


Task 2: Create a key word wordsearch. Upload it to SeeSaw and we can do them during the Thursday Zoom!




You can choose from the following:

-Create a Tudor house

-Sketch a Tudor house

-Make a bridge strong enough to hold a toy car (or similar).


Screen Free Afternoon!


Choose a few activities from the Screen Free Grid

PE- walk/create a circuit/PE pack


Take care and have a well rested half term next week! 


Miss Mills