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W.C. 7th December

1914 | Sainsbury's Ad | Christmas 2014

Watch the Christmas advert and read the comprehension about the Christmas Truce.


Could you retell what happened from Jim's point of view? 

Write a first person recount, explaining how Jim was feeling at each point and describing the trenches. Could you try to include extra information (parenthesis)?


'I was freezing cold and starving hungry. All around me, soldiers were missing home and longing for some festive cheer. Suddenly, in the distance, I could hear a quiet murmur of singing getting louder. 




The following day, I had the wildest idea I had ever had. As I slowly raised my arms above my head, every part of me trembling, I wondered whether I would live to see Boxing Day. All guns pointed to me- then suddenly I heard the German soldiers shout and lower their weapons'.