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w.c. 4th January 2021

Hello everyone-


Please find the home learning I have planned below. Don't feel like you need to print off all of the worksheets- you can use paper at home to write the answers to the questions. 


Please feel free to upload any work you complete to SeeSaw- you will receive 2 housepoints per activity completed that I see (I will keep a tally with me)- earn those housepoints!


If you need help, please ask questions during the Zoom meetings or ask your parents to email via parents@blackmore email.


Take care, stay safe and I really hope to see you all soon.


Miss Mills 

Friday Maths- Divide by 10 100 and 1000

Watch the video and complete the tasks!

For Spanish, please find the log in on SeeSaw or note it down in the 11am Zoom session.
Log in using the above log in.
INTERMEDIATE LEVEL CHALLENGE- Unit 5 (Mi Casa- my home)-you may need to click on dashboard first if this doesn't appear
Lesson 1

Go through the slides and then complete the worksheet- choose your challenge. Alternatively, write them out on a piece of paper.

Tuesday- Understanding Thousandths

You may find this explanation more precise & clear than the White Rose one today.



I have assigned the worksheet for today's maths lesson (just the first sheet!) on SeeSaw under activities. I hope this will stop the need to print the sheets as it can be written on (device depending).


To see if this works, watch the video and then go on SeeSaw to complete the sheet. 


If this does not work, complete the sheet as normal/note the answers on a piece of paper. I will take your feedback at our afternoon Zoom session!

Thank you

Wednesday Maths

Watch this video about Three Decimal Places then complete the activities!

Thursday Maths- Multiply by 10 100 and 1000

Watch the video and complete the associated activities!

RE: How are emotions expressed?


People express their feelings in lots of different ways, e.g. writing in a diary, drawing pictures, painting, sculpture, writing poetry, stories, etc. and religious people often use these to express how they feel about their religion. Watch: (see below)

What emotions are being expressed? Make some notes. 


Write a short poem to portray an emotion (e.g. anger, fear, happiness, sadness).


You could write you poem according to this formula:

What colour is the emotion?

What does it taste like?

What does it smell like?

What does it look like?

What does it sound like?

What does it feel like?

For example: Fear is black like stormy clouds raging overhead.

Fear tastes like stale, sludgy porridge left out for me to eat.




Happiness is a rainbow like when the rain meets the sun.

Happiness tastes like a freshly baked cake, causing my stomach to rumble.

Happiness smells like freshly mown grass in the spring.

Happiness looks like the smiling faces of my family.

Happiness sounds like the cheer in a football stadium after the home team have scored.

Happiness feels like a warm hug from a loved one.

Raise Him Up Ministry - Dance worship

Dance Worship with Wendy and Amanda