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w.c. 22nd February

Hello Class 6,


I hope you had a lovely, relaxing half term and enjoyed a break from school work. I know it wouldn't have been the same as previous school holidays, but I'm sure you all made the most of it!


I'm looking forward to the next half term and seeing what it has in store- I'm hoping we can see each other again very soon! 


Until then, keep working hard. I will see you each week day (starting on Tuesday 23rd this week) on Zoom at 9am, 11am and 1.30pm. 


Miss Mills :)


Monday 22nd

Tuesday 23rd

Wednesday 24th

Thursday 25th

Friday 26th



LO: To revise volume

LO: To find the volume

LO: To find the volume of a cuboid

LO: To revise mental calculations and estimations



LO: To identify persuasive techniques

LO: To use expanded noun phrases

LO: To plan a persuasive text

LO: To write a persuasive advert




What are the functions of our circulatory system?



Where did the Anglo-Saxons/Scots come from and why did they invade?


RE: What are the key features of Islamic art?




What is the date? Lesson 1.


PE: Complete 1 or 2 PE activities from the class page/whichever exercise you choose to do