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wb 16.11.20

In English this week we will be looking further at the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain.

Monday & Tuesday - Retell the story - use your storyboard from last week to retell the story with lots of detail. Try to include some 2A sentences and linking sentences if you can!

Wednesday - Plan your story - plan your own version of Lila & the Secret of Rain. You will need to change how Lila gets it to rain. You might also want to change the problems that the villagers face - what else could it have been too hot to do?

Thursday - Write your own version of Lila and the Secret of Rain using your plan

Friday - Finish your story - perhaps you could add some illustrations!

For our topic learning this week, we will be looking at the climate and weather of both Kenya and the UK.

What can you find out about the weather in Kenya?

Can you keep a weather diary for the UK and for Kenya?


We are looking at the artist of Martin Bulinya. We will be recreating some of his pictures over the next few weeks - perhaps you could have a go at home?


We are continuing with our coding learning this week - try to log on to Purple Mash and have a go at the 2Do that has been set or find some of the coding games to play.