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wb 09.11.20

For our English learning on Monday and Tuesday we will be writing acrostic poems for Remembrance Day. Have a go at writing your own! We will then be writing them up in best and learning to say them off by heart.


On Wednesday we are starting a new unit of English looking at the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain. Use the YouTube link to watch the story and then try to order the pictures to retell the story. Can you use story words?


Thursday - today we are describing the setting where Lila's story takes place. There is a worksheet to use some 2A phrases (they're called expanded noun phrases on the sheet but we know them as 2A sentences). Have a go at filling them in. Then for a challenge you could write your own description of the setting.


Friday - today we are getting ready to write the story of Lila and the Secret of Rain. Use a story board to draw the key parts of the story, then add some key words and exciting vocabulary to go with each picture.

This afternoon we will also be creating some Remembrance day artwork and making our own poppy collage - perhaps you could create a poppy picture at home?


We will also be doing computing this afternoon. It is all about coding! We are using Purple Mash and you should have a 'ToDo' when you log in. If you do not know your login please do not worry, we can email it home. 

On Purple Mash you can complete your 'ToDo' and then have a go at the Coding Chimp - find it under 'Computing', then '2Code' then 'Free Code Chimp'


Have a play around and see what you can create!