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Tuesday 5th


*Zoom lesson is now available to watch on Seesaw as an activity if you missed our 9am session*

We will have spoken through our maths learning on our Zoom chat this morning. If you need more help, watch the White Rose Maths video. You will need to pause it at different points (the man on the video will tell you!) and you can have a go at the activities. Then you will need to complete today's worksheet.

Everybody is having a go at the same worksheet today.

There are some extra sheets - 'Extension questions' and 'Problem solving challenges' if you want some extra maths to do! Each of those has a 1, 2 and 3 star challenge (1 is red, 2 is blue and 3 is orange - there is a little star in the corner of each question to tell you). You do not have to do these but there will be house points and stickers if you fancy a challenge!


Each phonics group has their own learning. 

Mrs Warwick's group 1 - the four children that usually go with Mrs Warwick first.

Mrs Warwick's group 2 - the two children who usually go with Mrs Warwick second.

Dolphins and Sharks usually stay with me and hopefully you can remember who you are!

There is a powerpoint to go through for each group and then you might have a worksheet to have a go at. Not all groups will have a worksheet every day.

The powerpoints have things to listen to in them - if you are viewing them on a tablet the sound may not work, they tend to work best on a laptop or a computer. If you do not have a laptop or computer please do not worry, you can still have a go at some of the reading activities on the powerpoint instead.


For English, each day there will be a powerpoint with sound. Please note, unfortunately the sound only seems to work on computers / laptops and not tablets. However, the powerpoint includes all written instructions for the activities and tasks so this should not cause too many problems. 

Guided Reading

Each day I would like to you read some of your home reading book. If you have finished all four books you were given over Christmas, there are lots of books on Bug Club. I will be checking Bug Club regularly to make sure nobody runs out of books!

There will also be a reading activity to complete each day, like in guided reading.

I have labelled them for your guided reading groups. 

Green and Blue can choose the 2 or 3 star version of your comprehension.