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Join our 9am Zoom (or watch later on SeeSaw). Try to have some paper and a pen to write on (or a whiteboard and pen if you're lucky enough to have one!) Then have a go at the activity. Today we are starting to look at 3D shapes.


Watch your group's video. Make sure you have something to write on or your whiteboard and pen - I will ask you to upload it to SeeSaw. Then have a go at the activity.

Mrs Warwick Group 1

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Mrs Warwick Group 2 - no video today - you need to write some captions to go with the pictures on the sheet eg 'sheep in the farmyard'


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Sharks - as before - either complete a mystery that you have started or choose a new one from today or yesterday to have a go at.


Today is World Book Day! On our Zoom we will be talking about our favourite books. Bring your favourite book (and your favourite teddy if you like!) to our 11'o'clock Zoom where you can tell us all about your favourite book! You could also dress up as your favourite story character if you want to!

Today's activity is to draw a picture (or take a photo) of your favourite book and write about why you love it.

Guided Reading

Look for your group's activity today. 

Green group - stay on Zoom for guided reading *THIS WILL BE AFER THE 11AM ZOOM TODAY*

Red - free reading

World Book Day!

Here are some activities you could have a go at this afternoon!

You could try:

  • Record a video of yourself reading your favourite story for our class page
  • Act out a scene from your favourite book and upload a video to Seesaw
  • Build a reading den (with an adult's premission!)
  • Bake something that represents your favourite character or book (eg you could ice biscuits or cakes with pictures from the story)
  • Organise your books into alphabetical order (going from A-Z)
  • Write a letter to your favourite author telling them why you like them and why you love their books
  • Take photos of yourself reading in extreme places (with an adult's permission!) Where will your book take you?
  • Facetime or Zoom a relative or friend and read them your favourite story
  • There are lots of worksheet activities to try below too!

Owl Babies

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Giraffe's Can't Dance!

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