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If you are looking for some time filler activities - you could always practice high frequency words with your child.

Most children know their first 100 HFW already but it is important to keep revisiting them!

I have added the next 200 HFW and the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception words (these are the words that the children are expected to be able to read by the end of KS1).

Tips and tricks for learning HFW

  • Turn it into a game! You could play snap or a memory matching game with the words
  • Little and often is the key - short bursts are often more effective than long practice sessions
  • Ask your child to find the word from a selection
  • Show your child the word with a spelling error - can they spot it?
  • Challenge your child to put the words into silly sentences
  • Lay the cards out, give your child a fly swat or spatula and get them to swat the word you say!