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Monday 22nd June


If you do not have an adult to help you with your year 2 common exception word check, you can have a go at some of the activities below instead to practise your year 2 words.


These are the words that children are expected to be able to spell by the end of Year 2. We have covered the Phase 6 phonics content now so will be recapping and beginning to look at some preparation for Year 3 over the final few weeks. If you find your child cannot spell many of these words, I would recommend that you use the activities below to practise further in the coming weeks rather than the listed phonics activities each day.

There are 64 words so I recommend you spread them across the week so as not to suffer from CEWE (common exception word exhaustion!) We tend to do 10-15 at a time in class and then have a break.

You could try a comprehension - there are lots of new ones under the 'Optional Extras' tab.