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Today is Chinese New Year!

We are having a whole Chinese New Year themed day today! We will still be doing English, maths, phonics and guided reading and there are lots of arts and crafts activities to have a go at this afternoon.


Watch our Zoom at 9am. Try to have something to write with ready!

Then you can choose some Chinese New Year maths activities to have a go at. 


Choose one of the phonics mosaics or mazes to have a go at today.


Watch our 9am Zoom. Today we are writing the story of Chinese New Year!

Guided Reading

Look for your group's activity.

Red - stay on our 11am Zoom for guided reading.

Yellow - you are free reading today

Afternoon Activities

This afternoon there are lots of different activities for you to choose from. There are also some Chinese Dragon Dances for you to have a go at for your PE learning!